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The BassMute is a promising, fast and 'easy to use' muting system for bassguitars. The BassMute is fully adjustable and with a simple move of your finger you can switch between normal and muted sound. The BassMute doesn't affect your playing speed and when adjusted properly, your muted sound will stay the same whenever you switch it on.
The BassMute can be fixed easily onto your bass between the bridge and bridge pick-up. You can switch between two different positions for muting. The distance between the mutes is fully adjustable to match different string spacings between 16 and 20 millimeter.
The rubber foam of the mutes has been customized for each string individually to virtually eliminate pitch shift. The overall construction allows a very easy disassembly of the BassMute in case replacement of the rubber foam ever becomes necessairy.
The BassMute in off position On 5 or 6-string basses, the BassMute can be used to only mute the low B-string if desired! You can adjust The BassMute in such a way that in the first muting position only the low B is muted and when you flip the lever to the next, all strings are muted.
BassMute switched on How does the BassMute function? When you have installed The BassMute onto your bass, it should be located under the strings close to the bridge with the part of the mutes above the axle potruding in between of the strings.
When everything has been setup and adjusted according to the manual, the only thing you have to do is to flip the lever of the BassMute. This engages the axle with the mutes to move towards the strings.The rubber foam will run into the strings, creating the muted sound with the lever in its first stop. You even can push the lever of the BassMute to its second stop to increase the muting effect.
If you like to switch back to your normal sound, just simply flip the lever of the BassMute back to the zero position. That's all there is to it ! Even in the middle of a song you can switch to and from the muted sound at any time. Yes, the BassMute truly is a handy device for Bassplayers who dig the muted sound of their bass
In addition to "Slapping" and "Tapping", the style of playing with muted strings as used by players like James Jamerson, Rocco Prestia, Anthony Jackson, has become popular again. The simplest way to imitate the sound and playing style of these players is by muting the strings with the palm of your hand and picking the strings with your thumb.The disadvantage of using this technique is that it limits your playing speed and the freedom to pick the strings in different positions towards the neck. Using a piece of rubber foam to mute the strings could solve this problem, but it is not really handy fumbling it under the strings between different songs. For this reason some manufacturers of basses were providing in a muting system on their bridges. The adjustability and results were not always satisfactory, so in the end they were hardly used.
In cooperation with Edwin van Huik from the Bass Connection in the Netherlands, luthier Ellio Martina designed a new muting device for bass guitars. The original idea was to design a muting device with excellent muting capabilities, to be engaged quickly and easy to install on almost all known models of basses being around. The Bassmute presented here, is the final result of our efforts. Within the physical limitations of a minimum height between the basses'body and the strings plus enough room between the rear pickup and the bridge to install, we believe we succeeded.